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Bids to Nationals

September 29, 2009

Nothing original here, but the UPA published the bid wildcards for Nationals yesterday. Mid-Atlantic Mixed didn’t earn anything new, but we’ve got a third bid because Amp and Hooray earned the Strength last year in Sarasota. Three bids is a good thing.

For more coverage, check out the new article at Movin’ On Up.

My gut reaction to the wildcards is that it sucks that certain regions whose likely final qualifiers are, in my opinion, weaker than those of other regions, are receiving bids based on the number of UPA registrants.

I’m not saying that the system is unfair; everyone involved knows how it works, so results should not be a surprise. Rather, I think it’s outdated. I don’t think that offering bids to Nationals to the upper echelon club teams is a good incentive for random people to join the UPA, and I don’t think that Nationals bids should be decided by how many crappy teams show up to Sectionals.

To me, it seems like the whole Size and Growth wildcards have served their purpose, and the UPA is now large enough that these elements should not be affecting who does and does not make Nationals.

Again, I don’t think it’s logical to point to certain regions and say “Team X from here is way better than Team Y from there, but Team Y is more likely to make Nationals because their region has more bids” because the system is already laid out for us.

Still, just to indulge myself in some Open Division whining (that I don’t really have a stake in; remember, I play Mixed), I think it sucks that the Mid-Atlantic gets a 3rd bid while the South gets 2, the Northwest 3, and the Northeast 3. While the Mid-Atlantic’s 3rd team of last year, Los, was worthy of a spot at the time, they seem to have declined quite a bit. Perhaps Forge could make some noise and is deserving of a shot, but I haven’t seen them play. Meanwhile, in the South, Tanasi would make for a quality representative, in the Northwest there are only 3 bids for four potential Quarterfinalists*, and in the Northeast someone among Ironside, GOAT, Bodhi, and PoNY will be staying home. So it goes.

*I’m not sure this is an all around bad thing, however, just because it ups the stakes and entertainment value at Northwest Regionals.

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