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Labor Day

September 7, 2009

While the actual holiday was yesterday, the tournament has was played on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Sockeye won, delivering a reminder to anyone who may have dismissed them that they are still contenders. Their only losses this season are to Revolver (once at Solstice, once at ECC), Chain, and Ironside (both at ECC), and the Revolver win this past weekend was by a pretty big margin. Sockeye has been predisposed to a lot of speculation and commentary just because they’ve been the most visible team in Ultimate for a number of years now (examples include their website, representing the USA in Vancouver, players heading up projects like The Huddle and Cultimate, etc.), but in a lot of ways I think they still set the standard in club Ultimate.
  • Doublewide had a great weekend, and they’ll enter the Series with a regular season resume whose only losses came in the Finals of Heatout (to Chain), Colorado Cup (to Bravo), and now Labor Day (to Sockeye). They’ve done all of this somewhat quietly, and the general feeling seems to be “wait and see if it all comes together at Regionals/Nationals.” Still, I think it’s hard not to be impressed with what they’ve done so far, and given that they’ve continued to win in a year that has been filled with turnover, they deserve credit. Personally, I’d really like to see these guys play; my recent experience with Texas, combined with players like Kiran Thomas and Kurt Gibson and the North Texas guys who are supposedly very good, I’d imagine that Doublewide is fun to watch.
  • Revolver slipped again, losing a close one to Doublewide that forced a semifinals match-up with Sockeye. I’d say that this has some implications for Northwest Regionals seedings, but I’m even more confident in saying that neither of these teams are looking past Sectionals. The Northwest Region is absurd, with Sockeye, Furious (a down year for sure, but they’re still good) and Voodoo (who keeps winning and/or putting up good games against traditionally better opponents,which makes me happy) having to play each other in the Washington/BC Section and Revolver and Jam (this weekend was terrible for them, but they still have the Title) meeting up in the Bay Area. Long story short, with only three bids for these teams, plus Rhino, a squad that will make for a tough early tournament matchup, the Series will be a real challenge in the Northwest.
  • Sub Zero had quite the weekend, going 4-1 in pool play and taking Doublewide to double game point. Their personnel changes from 2008 are a likely cause of their mediocre early season, but if they’re starting to find a rhythm now, the Central Region should get interesting. 

That’s all I have on Labor Day since I wasn’t there (other than that I hope that this guy was there, as his shots from last year are some of the coolest Ultimate pictures around). Fear not, though, cause this blog has been looking good all week and will likely have more info up soon. I was amused by its name when I came across it because the night before, I had been talking with some friends about how Ultimate is cool because it essentially boils down to the ability to be better than an opponent at playing catch in an open space. Cool.

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  1. September 8, 2009 11:09 am

    Don’t forget End Phase giving people tough games in the series, I think they beat Rhino last weekend.

  2. neeley permalink*
    September 8, 2009 11:13 am

    Is End Phase the team formerly known as YR? I thought this may be the case, but they went by Shark at Solstice so I wasn’t sure. If so, I’d definitely put them around the same level as Voodoo, as they are a team that could certainly throw a kink into what might be perceived as an easy Saturday or Sunday morning.

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