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CCC Wrap-up

November 15, 2010

I wasn’t there, so I can’t offer much analysis or commentary. What I’ve got is based on watching Score Reporter and talking to my friends and former teammates on Virginia’s Night Train.

Here’s how the Championship Bracket played out:

Couple things…

  • Looks like Florida ramped up their effort this weekend in comparison to CCCs of the past. Given that they lost Brodie Smith and Chris Gibson, this was a smart strategy: they need to put their new-look lineup to the test against actual competition. But looking at Alex Hill’s comments to Sky’d, I’m guessing they also did a good job of using CCC as a teaching tournament. Really, that’s what impresses me most about Florida: their offense can be broken down into prety specific positions, and they do a good job of teaching players how to play the positions that they’re best at. People spend a lot of time knocking their short rotation, but given that they reload with new players that are ready to contribute year in and year out, I think they’re doing something right.
  • On the Florida note, people tend to harp on them being unsportsmanlike. Two friends of mine told me that playing Florida was a really good time, and that they weren’t unwilling to listen to discussion on foul calls. In fact, I was told that Alton Gaines and Nathan Sage both took back foul calls after hearing Virginia’s case, which I think is noteworthy.
  • Glad to see that after a rough start to Saturday, UVA righted the ship and made Finals for the second year in a row. Next weekend’s UOA Nationals will tell us something about how well they handle back-to-back tournament weekends.
  • I would not have predicted Alabama over Michigan State. Anyone got anything on either of these teams?
  • Anyone care to comment on Texas? They had a strong weekend, and I’m guessing that last year’s experience will help their returners take them back to Nationals. I’m guessing they’re still a vert stack team, but I really don’t know anything about them and didn’t hear anything either.
  • Rough weekend for Jojah. From what I’m told, they’re very athletic, but also young. I’d imagine that they’ll continue to find an identity as the year moves along, so we’ll see about them come Spring.

Discussion’s always a good thing, so if you were in Athens, holla.

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  1. Matt permalink
    November 15, 2010 12:59 pm

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to play them this weekend, but from what I saw when they were next to us, TUFF still runs vert and runs it well.
    Also, the MSU Bama game was the 5th of the day for both teams and I know MSU had to come a long way and may have been pretty beat by 330…Plus on Sunday they won a couple of close games against formidable teams which says something
    Team gaining the most respect from CCC’s was JMU, great weekend for them. Next weekend’s UOA Nationals will tell us something about how well they handle back-to-back-to-back tournament weekends.

  2. Taylor permalink
    November 15, 2010 5:05 pm

    Although I was around Jojah the entire tournament, I was impressed with :

    Night Train’s Handlers- Despite losing the most creative handlers in college ultimate last year, Night Train’s handlers looked great. An army of guys were able to step up and break the mark at will. Coaching tip : Throw some junk/trapping zones on them for the first 3 passes. When they run their horizontal stack, they like to start with a break from the number 3 cutter. Jesse continues to be a work horse for these guys.

    Alabama’s Tim Brady — Brady, #8 for Alabama, played Tanasi this past club season and became a dominant handler/player. He was able to excell with his legs and his throws. He was one of the better players at the tournament. For Alabama to become better, he is going to need some other guys on Alabama to step it up. Coaching tip : Brady likes to get it every other. As he releases the disc, the mark needs to step in front of Brady so he doesn’t get a good, clean first step every time.

    Tribe’s Nick Lance — Tribe lost some from last year, but I think Russell will be able to teach the rooks a think or two about defense. I expect Lance to be the best player in the Region this year and to lead Tribe to something more than Regionals. He made some ridiculous plays which I hope make it to the Internet.

    Jojah’s Elliot Erickson — Elliot reminds me of last year’s AC Region FOTY winner, UNC’s Tristan Green. Elliot made play after play this past weekend. It was exciting to watch Elliot and Tristan square off during the Darkside/Jojah game. He’s explosive and has good closing speed already. It will be fun to see Jojah play next Spring when all of their missing pieces return from foreign (matt bailey/david hooten), uninjured (charlie herrig) places.

    Florida — I enjoyed watching these guys and look forward to seeing these guys after they put in the hard work to become great. Hopefully, they have enough guys over 6’3” this year for their 4 man cup. Coaching tip : Make Cole throw flick as often as possible, take a step back at stall 4. Make Alex Hill throw backhand, take a step back at stall 4. I didn’t see Lenberger throw the disc all that much, so play a couple of yards behind him.

    Overall, it was a beautiful weekend. I wish there were observers for the Quarters, Semis, and Finals. I like fall tournaments. Coaches get to see what their players need to work on. There isn’t a lot of pressure on the team, so you can open up the rotation when calling lines. Most teams haven’t practiced their plays/defenses a whole lot, so you can see what players are your athletes that get open and/or get Ds.

  3. ben permalink
    November 15, 2010 10:09 pm

    Thoughts from Pool D:

    Texas was very… fast. Combining that with great pulls, they put a lot of pressure on the first throw and encouraged short-field turnovers. Ben (#20) was the most exciting player I saw at the tournament. They used space effectively on the break side. A backhand force slowed them down a little bit. Stephen Pressley is now on their coaching staff.

    GT seemed perfectly content to throw hucks into coverage and came down with most of them. At one point, Hogan hucked the disc to a triple-teamed Lance (who, incidentally, made the grab). They have a very explosive handler (#12) that I had not seen before, but the O still runs through Hogan, Lance, and (to a lesser extent) Gabe. Fish is apparently abroad this semester but will be a potent weapon once he returns.

    Clemson’s O line only returns 2 starters from last year, and had some growing pains over the weekend. Zach Shuba and James Cox can jump much, much higher than you can.

    Elimination play thoughts:

    USC continues to be one of the classiest teams we play all year. Couldn’t ask for a better in-state rival.

    UNC ran a quadruple-teaming 4 man cup at the very end of our game, and at the very end of the MSU game. Very frightening for less experienced players, and impossible to throw through without calling double teams to get them to back up. UNC continues to be a very friendly group of guys off the field that are comfortable in the gray areas of the rulebook on defense. UNC’s #21 executed a very late, dangerous backpack on one of our rookies, not leaving his feet until the catch was already completed and putting his shoulder directly into his back to knock him to the ground.

  4. Cheese permalink
    November 16, 2010 3:04 pm

    To start thanks to Charlie and the Jojah guys for an awesome tourney. Here are some of my notes from the weekend.

    Florida: I’ve been playing against these guys for over two years now, and if anybody thinks they are going to roll over this year they are sadly mistaken. For all the flack he catches, Cole Sullivan is a beast and really not a terrible guy. People shouldn’t over look the work he put in this summer leading Vicious Cycle and earning the respect of those young athletic guys that fill out that roster. With Sage, Alex, Alton, and Travis all stepping up and taking on bigger roles this team will still be dominant. Shout out to Rob Brice for balling out for them on defense and deep.

    Virginia: They are the model of offensive efficiency. Their handlers are mistake free and their cutters are relentless. On defense they come at you with waves of legs and are just suffocating, no poaching these guys just stay on your hip all day and produce d’s with hard work.

    UNCW: Tommy is a great player, and when wants to he can’t dominate with the best of em, sometimes lets his man drift to far away while poaching hard on d. They are definitely missing Rusty, and their offense is a little mistake prone. Their coaches make great in game adjustments and always have those guys fired up.

    JMU: Dylan is very good. They are a solid squad and take advantage of the other teams mistakes. Don’t know how they’ll hold up over the course of the season.

    LSU: If you make Schultz throw backhands you win this game. Put your best defender on Aguilar and tell him not to give him free resets, on Saturday they ran their offense through him.

  5. November 16, 2010 4:50 pm

    I did a brief recap of what I saw at Sean Ryan:


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