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October 21, 2010


  • For those watching Pool D, note that Truck Stop was missing Ryan Todd, Noah Eden, and captain Kevin Moldenhauer at Regionals. Moldenhauer wasn’t playing at Sectionals either, but the other two were. All three are pretty big players for them.
  • If you’ve not seen Revolver or Sockeye play this year and want to, check out the finals of Worlds and Northwest Regionals. In both games, Revolver’s defense shows closing speed across the board that doesn’t let Sockeye breathe. Also, Revolver frequently has Mac Taylor guard Ben Wiggins, which is favorable for them because Taylor is fast enough that he can afford to gamble and push Wiggins upfield and away from the disc. It also helps that he’s got a long and active mark, which is an annoyance for anyone who touches the disc as much as Wiggins. Both their speed and their ability to put big, athletic defenders on handlers are part of what makes Revolver dangerous.
  • Speaking of Sockeye, a lot of people are calling Pool D the Pool of Death. Pool C, anyone? I think that Ring’s athleticism on defense makes them a tough match up for Doublewide, and while Sockeye has taken some beatings from Revolver all year long, they’ve had an otherwise strong season. Also, the Ring/Sockeye game in last year’s power pools was one of the best games of the tournament, with so much on the line for that 2/3 game, the rematch probably won’t dissapoint. Add in Madison Club, who performed quite nicely at Chesapeake and are past the “happy-to-be-there” stage, and I think C is looking pretty tough.
  • Teams that I haven’t seen play (and therefor can’t comment too much on) this year: Madcow, Madison Club, Streetgang, Furious George.
  • The USA Ultimate Club Open preview is now online. David Belsheim’s write-up is quality, as it gives a nice little season re-cap for the teams he looks at, as well roster changes from last year and the names to watch for. Also, I like the online version. But I miss the magazine.
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