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Looking back

October 20, 2010

Take a look at Nationals results from the past few years.




It’s worth remembering that really, all a team needs is two wins on Friday to get into power pools one win in power pools to get into elimination play. From there, if you can turn it on, three wins brings home the gold. Just ask Jam 2008.

Taking a closer look…

  • In all three of these years, the team with the closer semifinals win was victorious in the finals (though in 2008, the differences were 15-11 and 15-10). Could a tougher semis game be the final push needed for focus on Sunday?
  • Going back into the archives, 2004 was the last time that a team (Sockeye) won the UPA Championship without having made it at least as far as semis the previous year. Since then, Furious, who lost to Sockeye in the 2004 finals, won it in 2005; Sockeye won it in 2006 after losing in finals to Furious; Sockeye won it again in 2007; Jam won it in 2008 after losing to Sockeye in 2007 semis; and Chain won it in 2009 after losing to Ironside in 2008.
  • And really, Sockeye’s an anomaly here. In 2003, Furious won its second of back-to-back titles, and in 2001 and 2002, Condors won two in a row. Look beyond that, and you see six straight titles for DoG, which were preceded by five in a row for New York. So if history is an indicator, it helps to have made a deep run in the previous year. I think that this will change as the sport grows, as there’s just going to be more parity across the board. I doubt that time has come yet, though.
  • Of the top teams, Ironside’s got a finals loss in 2008 (to Jam) and a semis loss in 2009 (to Chain), while Chain has a semis loss in 2008 (to Ironside) and a finals win in 2009 (over Revolver). Both lost in quarters in 2007 (Boston Ultimate fell to Bravo and Chain lost to GOAT). Revolver’s only semis appearance was last year. As for Doublewide, last year’s 5th place finish was their best ever, but the same type of progression from semis to champion can be seen in teams that went from quarters to semis.
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