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October 14, 2009

Here’s how Regionals went down for Axis of C’Ville (two weekends ago):


Axis of C’Ville 15 – Jug Handle 5

Axis 15 – Full Service 6

Axis 15 – TAU 8


Axis 14 – AMP 15 (Finals)

Axis 15 – Hooray for Coed, Horray 12 (2nd Place Game)

We took our first loss of the season in a tough finals against Amp. They were a much better team than at Chesapeake, and caught us half asleep. We went down a few breaks early, while we came back to take half, they pounced again later in the game and we fell short of converting one too many times. Long story short, they were better than us last weekend, and deserve the high seed that they’re likely to get in Sarasota. I’m hoping we Amp them again because they’re fun to play against.

More to the point, I think that the Finals loss gave us a much-needed swift kick in the ass. While the “that loss was a good one” adage is a tired one, it’s not always so far off. We came into the Amp game expecting to win just by being there rather than expecting to win by playing up to our potential, and we paid for our attitude. It was frustrating, I was mad, my teammates were mad, and the atmosphere after we had won the back-door game was pretty flat. The good thing, though, is that after a couple days of reflection, everyone seems both rejuvenated and motivated. I think we’ll be seeing a different Axis in Florida.

The Nationals field took shape elsewhere around the country as well, and here’s what I’ve got:

  • In the Mid-Atlantic, Truck Stop earned its first Regional title since its formation in 2005, beating Ring on double game point. Ring then beat Los by the same margin to take second place, setting Los up for a third place game against Pike that they evidently did not have to play. But they didn’t know it. Or did they? I don’t know. Los had already gone 2-0 against Pike on the weekend, and the rules state that if you have beaten a team twice already and are slated to play them a third time, you can claim automatic victory. I’m not here to debate the merits of such a rule; like it or not, it exists, and Los either was not aware of it or chose to forego it. A very boring r.s.d. thread makes claims of both. Either way, Pike is going to Nationals having not played a single team in the field. Having just spent a weekend at Edinboro, all I can say is that it’s too bad Forge didn’t make it.
  • Speaking of shitty r.s.d. threads, will there have been a more disliked Mixed team going into Nationals than Jukebox Hero? Really, I’m asking.
  • Chain Lightning won Regionals after a two-year draught, and my boy Bobby Runs is heading to Sarasota as a likely two seed. Cool deal. I’ve got high hopes for Chain, as they seem to be putting a whole lot of effort and thought toward turning their tremendous potential into results later this month. Also, if you’ve not looked at pictures from South Regionals, you can do so here. While Zip, Kid and Dylan are household names, word on the street is that Auburn alumn Rob White is a bossman. Not to ignore Doublewide, I’d imagine the loss has Texas working overtime, and am hoping to get to see them play in Florida.
  • The Northwest didn’t disappoint, with Revolver and Sockeye going to double-game point in the Finals and Jam beating Furious 15-10 in the game-to-go. Not as close a finish as last year, but I’d imagine the Finals match-up made up for things. Also, Voodoo had a pretty good weekend, tying for 5th.
  • In the Northeast, Ironside cleaned up, followed by GOAT and Bodhi; PoNY is staying home.
  • Lots and lots more happened over the past two weekends, including a crazy Northwest Mixed Regionals that left Mischief on the outside looking in, a Southwest Regional finish that does not include the Condors going to Nationals, Sub Zero sitting out for the first time in over a decade, and Dragon Thrust, a top Mixed team this year, staying home in lieu of Chad Larson Experience and One Trick Pony.
  • For more Regionals reading, check out Monup and U Catch.

Looking forward, Nationals is going to be sweet. On the horizon for the next couple weeks: run, run, run, and more run.

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