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September is Here

September 1, 2009

As has become ritual, I took a little hiatus after my last spurt of posts. The summer wound down more quickly than expected, and I had to take care of moving, saying various goodbyes and hellos, preparing for the coming onslaught of first year players into the UVA system, and trying to make a little money on the side. Oh, and the whole playing thing… can’t forget about that.

A lot has gone down over the past month. On the Axis of C’Ville front, we had Glazed Daze August 15 and 16 and Chesapeake Open this past weekend (August 29 and 30). Both yielded undefeated records and tournament victories, but more importantly, revealed some of our weaknesses before heading into the Series, meaning that we’ve got plenty to work on before Regionals. On a broader scale, both Glazed and Chesapeake brought new thought to my still very new understanding of the Mixed game: how it is played, what works and what doesn’t, the differences between Mixed and Open, etc. etc. More on all this in a post or two. 

In other news, both Chesapeake and Emerald City Classic (which went down on the same weekend as Glazed Daze) were big tournaments for the Open division, bringing the top teams together after more localized early season play. Revolver, Chain Lightning, and Ironside were all being touted as the short list of possible Sarasota winners, and the results make such expectations seem reasonable: ECC Semis were Revolver over Sockeye 15-6 and Ironside over Chain 15-11, with Revolver winning Finals on double game point, 15-14, and at Chesapeake, Revolver came back to beat Chain 12-11 in the showcase while Chain wound up beating Ironside 13-8 en route to a tournament victory over Ring of Fire. I’m not really trying to make predictions yet, and it would obviously be silly to count out other contenders like Jam and Sockeye, but for those who saw these three as frontrunners and were hoping for early match-ups, August didn’t disappoint. Labor Day is this weekend, and while Chain and Ironside are staying home, it should be interesting. 

So I basically just re-capped a lot without saying much at all. Sorry. Chesapeake write-up, along with some glances back to Glazed Daze, should be up after a meeting to plan Night Train practice. Peace for now.

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