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Colorado Cup Revisited

September 1, 2009

The following was left in the comments section a couple weeks ago, and it just struck me as a good idea to just post it on its own so those who might be interested would come across it more easily. I’m assuming that “DB”, the poster, is a Johnny Bravo player since that’s the only team that didn’t get a write-up. Take from that what you will.


Doublewide: Kieran and Max are running the O-line this year. The team has enough talent to be quarters team this year. Doublewide has needed a big man down field for some time and so Kurt is an excellent addition to their O-line. He’s better as a receiver though he likes to stay back around the disc and bomb forehands that are questionable at times. Kieran is one of club’s best cutters as he is light and agile but I disagree with your statement that he can keep up with Beau. No one can right now.

Doublewide ran several offenses this weekend. They had a split stack that started off as a side stack and when we started fronting them they had success with a vertical stack. I found it interesting that they started switching Kieran back as a handler in the final. I don’t know if it was because they were looking for better match-ups or particular match-ups, but both Max and Kieran spent more time in the back with Salad after halftime.

Tank is leading the D line, Doublewide’s D is good because they can turn it around and didn’t have any difficulty moving the disc efficiently after the turn. They’ve also got some great athletes on D which they didn’t seem to have in the past.

That said, I love playing against Doublewide.

JAM: JAM looks really good. They are still one of the most experienced teams in the nation and that counts for a lot. Look at the average age on championship teams and you’ll see it’s closer to 30. The players they picked up are good enough for JAM to make another run into the final this year. From our game against JAM, their turnovers came from deep shots that were either over-thrown or throwing to a covered cutter on a deep shot. Bart & Co. like to huck and they weren’t quite able to make the altitude adjustment. If JAM can put together the chemistry and precision of last year’s offense back together again, there’s not much to stop them. And, it was nice to see Jim playing again.

Johnny Bravo: Lost some guys, picked up some new ones.

Machine: I thought Machine was going to be the clear favorite in the Central region but it’s not so clear anymore. We jumped out on them early. They had some miscommunication turnovers in the first half that really hurt them, and they seemed to roll over for us. Machine has some older players and some really young players but they were not connecting in our game. The only other game I watched them play was the end of their win over Truck Stop. Truck Stop was making some horrible decisions with the disc and Machine patiently moved the disc around for the win. Machine is not a deep team, and will need to play much more disciplined later on in the series.

Madison: Madison has a great huck game and it serves them well. Muffin and Hector generally ran the handler sets until one could get into a power position to get a huck off, then it was off to the races. Thibideau and #8 (Gaynor?) ran well downfield. I didn’t have a chance to see Madison play any other teams, save for the end of the JAM game when Muffin threw the callahan.

Street Gang: Street Gang also had a great huck game and used it effectively. Kevin Smith was working the disc well and SD’s big man (didn’t catch his name) came down with some nice grabs. We were able to shut down their huck game and force some difficult throws to generate turns mid-way through the game. San Diego also turfed it a couple of times. I don’t know what changes San Diego made Saturday night, but this young team is probably going to nationals this year. You’ll be able to catch an early look at them in Santa Cruz this year.

Sub Zero: Sub Zero had a small roster at the tournament, so I’m not sure what part of their team they were missing. It was clear that Sub Zero had lost the better part of their handler corps. They should have won the JAM game with two chances to win on offense but they threw it away with a blady same-third forehand pass. The central region is wide open.

Truck Stop: Truck Stop pretty much plays to the level of the team they’re playing against. They don’t have any spectacular players, but they play hard and don’t give up. I saw them force bad throws to George a few too many times, most notably in the Doublewide and Machine games. TS is best when they grind it under.

Yup, that does it. 

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