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The Huddle Mock Draft 2009

July 21, 2009

I got a spot as an owner in The Huddle’s 2009 Mock Draft. Considering that I didn’t expect to get in when I emailed Ben and Andy on Friday, I’m pretty stoked to be one of the ten participants. Maybe all these years of picking through RSD and scouring rosters and write-ups will pay off.

Here’s the gist of things: there are 10 owners, and the draft order was determined randomly. Draft will go snake style, so the owner drafting last in the first round will start the second round, and so on. After the eighth round, players are drafted two at a time. Any and all players in the world are eligible to be drafted. Once the draft is over, owners will designate 7 players for offense and 7 for defense, with the two remaining being allowed to play both.

As for the competition part of things, a group of “experts” will be evaluating the drafted teams based on their opinions of skill, athleticism, team chemistry and leadership, strategies the owners say they’ll be using, and whatever else they may or may not see as relevant. It’s going to be pretty subjective, but I think that’s part of the fun of things.

I don’t want to say all that much about what I want in my team since the other owners have this web address, but how could you not see the potential to have a whole, whole lot of fun participating in this? All-Star teams are always fun just because of the talent that emerges across the board, but the opportunity to shape one to fit my own strategic tendencies and preferences is exciting. 

I will offer the following: I’ve seen a lot of Ultimate since I started playing, but the last few months have really hammered home just how important athleticism is in this game. Great game plans, throwers, and specialists will always have a place in Ultimate, but I feel that the growing trend is to acquire enough athletes to allow yourself to constantly attack because their defensive play, more often than not, will lessen the cost of turning it over. When I saw Team USA at Potlatch, they hucked on almost any sight of daylight because their athletes were so superior that earning it back was not all that hard. This is, of course, neutralized if both teams are full of people who can run, jump, and change direction with ease, and that will certainly be the case with these fantasy teams. Still, I love a team that can be as aggressive as it wants because of its defensive abilities, and I hope to cook one up that can do just that.

Once the draft is over, I’ll post my team and (hopefully) offer some commentary on why I took each player and what I hope to do with them. Until then, if you’re one of the five people who might be reading this and have any hidden gems that I should consider, let me know.

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