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June 30, 2009

It’s time to start a new blog. Given that there’s a certain level of narcissism required of anyone who has a blog in the first place, I’m a bit scared of what having two says about me. Nonetheless, the blogspot incarnation of my ramblings died a few months ago, and I’ve got some hope, realistic or not, that starting over again will give me the necessary kick in the ass to start cranking out some good material. Besides, WordPress is way more fun.

My main motivation is this: virtually no one is objectively writing about Ultimate right now. RSD has hit its post-College Nationals summer lull and is all but dried up for the time being, Hector hasn’t produced anything of interest in months, and Aguilar is living the soon-to-be-married life (but please join me in praying that they all, particularly the former two, return sometime soon, as Hector is at times brilliant and Aguilar’s professionalism and actual reporting is pretty sweet). The Huddle puts out some great stuff every couple weeks, but outside of what Ben and Andy are bringing us, Ultimate related information of the non-strategy sort is few and far between, and while you can’t expect all that much in the grand scheme of things, that is only a reminder that something is better than nothing.

So I want to bring people what I can. I’ve got a decent hold on both the Seattle and Virginia Ultimate communities, and am familiar with both the club and (mostly open) college games, leading me to believe that I have something to offer. What I’m really interested in are feature pieces akin to those of The New Yorker or The Economist. I’d love to give people a more in-depth glimpse into subjects like team and player personalities, trends in strategy and athleticism, and other odds and ends related to the game.

The catch, though, is figuring out exactly what people want, along with what is appropriate to give them. Given the aforementioned scarcity of Ultimate related material, the former question is answered fairly easily: Frisbee players will read whatever is out there. With this reality, however, comes the risk of Match Diesel-esque “reporting” wherein baseless opinion and conjecture is depicted as legitimate. To be clear, I want to avoid this. 

The tricky thing is that Ultimate’s current makeup makes doing so tough. The sport is at the point of having fans, evidenced by the many middle and high school kids that I saw wearing autographed Sockeye and Riot gear at DiscNW’s Seattle Youth Ultimate Camp last week. At the same time, however, our community is still small enough that few players are disconnected by more than two or three degrees, meaning that efforts to report on what is going on at the elite levels can run the risk of intruding into people’s lives or spreading information that, when given, did not come with the expectation that it would be diffused.

Put more plainly, even if I know something to be true because it was told to me by a directly involved source, broadcasting that something to the general public may not be acceptable both because that source was a friend who spoke to me within the expected constructs of a one-on-one conversation, and because spreading information about the involved parties could leave to said parties feeling that their privacy had been violated.

I know that this is a cop out, but I’m really not sure how to reconcile this issue. On one hand, you’ve got some type of audience out there who would like to know more about what’s going on with the players to whom they look up to/respect/take interest in, but on the other you don’t want to alienate those players, as I assume they are just as happy as the rest of us to be a part of this community. I’ve certainly got to do more thinking on the subject, and any comments are welcome, but for now I can tell you that my basic mission is to tell people about what I see without stepping on any toes or jeopardizing my own friendships.  

So that’s that. Changing gears a little, I’m tempted to give a quick overview of the subjects that I’ve got mulling in my head, but I fear that doing so will just be a step in the wrong direction, leading to empty promises that never really see themselves out. Instead, just stay tuned and see what you think.

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